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Happy young multi ethnic women having fun in a park - Diversity and friendship concept

Affinity Empowerment Alliance

The inclusion experts

Affinity is a consulting firm that works with companies, schools, families, and other organizations to create inclusive workplaces. We specialize in the areas of diversity and inclusion, accessibility and universal design, leadership development, and organizational transformation. Our mission is to provide clients with ongoing resources and support as they embark on their journey of growth and empowerment. Affinity Empowerment Alliance’s work is grounded in social justice and we believe that there’s no room for exclusion.

Aija Larry


Aija Larry is the founder of Affinity Empowerment Alliance. She founded the company to create spaces that were inclusive. She is an advocate for diversity, justice, equity, and inclusivity. She loves working with schools, organizations, and families to help them work towards creating more inclusive environments. She has experience working as a teacher, instructional coach, and curriculum specialist. Aija Larry wants to provide spaces for people to feel included and empowered. She pushes for equity in her work with schools, organizations, and families.